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Windows Service Finder is an handy tool for system administrators and hackers.
It shows the complete list of installed services on operating system, both
device drivers (kernel) and Win32 EXE, and for each service it reports detailed
informations about: name, description, actual status, execution start mode, name
and dimension of the associated executable file.
Windows Service Finder allows you to terminate a service and to delete from disk
the associated executable file using the "/ks" option (it means "Kill service").
This functionality is very useful especially to delete device drivers services
(kernel), that default service manager of Windows doesn`t allow you.
Beyond services, Windows Services Finder work with boot registry keys too, those
registry values that contains EXE file name automatically launched at system
startup (used by some virus).
Boot registry keys and associated EXE file can be both deleted, using the "/kr"
option (it means "Kill registry").
In order to complete all these "kill" operations you must login to system with
the administrator rights!
You can show details about a single service passing to wsf.exe the name of the
service as a parameter (es> wsf.exe "Dhcp" [PRESS ENTER]).

Alternative names : indows Service Finder, Wndows Service Finder, Widows Service Finder, Winows Service Finder, Windws Service Finder, Windos Service Finder, Window Service Finder, Windows ervice Finder, Windows Srvice Finder, Windows Sevice Finder, Windows Serice Finder, Windows Servce Finder, Windows Servie Finder, Windows Servic Finder, Windows Service inder, Windows Service Fnder, Windows Service Fider, Windows Service Finer, Windows Service Findr, Windows Service Finde

Current version:1.0
Software OS:Windows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008UNIX
Freeware size:54 kBytes
Updated:September 20, 2006
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