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Trustix Enterprise Firewall - world`s first WYSIWYG Firewall, protects assets and business transactions by ensuring fast, secure connections with the Internet and networks. It enables fast, controlled connectivity, providing strong protection against unwanted intrusion without slowing the flow of approved traffic. Supports businesses with highly sophisticated networks and also those just requiring basic email, Web browsing. An essential security component for today`s ebusiness environment.

Some Features:
* Visualise DMZs - drag and drop security policy deployment
* Integrate branch offices with 3DES encrypted VPN tunnels
* Accelerate internet access times with proxy caching server
* Authenticate remote workers with PKI X.509 certificates
* Ensure high availability with fault tolerant automatic failover

Alternative names : rustix Enterprise Firewall, Tustix Enterprise Firewall, Trstix Enterprise Firewall, Trutix Enterprise Firewall, Trusix Enterprise Firewall, Trustx Enterprise Firewall, Trusti Enterprise Firewall, Trustix Enterprise irewall, Trustix Enterprise Frewall, Trustix Enterprise Fiewall, Trustix Enterprise Firwall, Trustix Enterprise Fireall, Trustix Enterprise Firewll, Trustix Enterprise Firewal, Trustix Enterprise Firewal

Current version:4.6
Software OS:Windows 98/MeWindows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008
Freeware size:438774 kBytes
Updated:January 15, 2007
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