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Icon of Pipeline Surfer

Pipeline Surfing free sports games are hard to find. This one was made for real surfing enthusiasts. Surf down the wave to gain sped, jump high in the air and do some breathtaking stunts on that board of yours. Bonus points are waiting for you! Breaking waves could seriously hurt you, so stay away from them. There are many more dangerous details to discover but you won´t know them until you try one of the best free surfing sports games ever.


Free Sports Games

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 19, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 120% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Surf`s Up Screensaver

Slideshow of high-quality images from the movie Surf`s Up. A stylistically daring CGI feature, "Surf`s Up" is based on the groundbreaking revelation that surfing was actually invented by penguins. In the film, a documentary crew will take audiences behind the scenes and onto the waves during the most competitive, heartbreaking and dangerous display of surfing known to man, the Penguin World Surfing Championship.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 5, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 95% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of SurfProxy

SurfProxy Freeware a way to access websites from your office,home or school when they are blocked by firewalls and website filtering software.This `Freeware` had a function of changing the IP address that was used to access website, this used proxy that was for free.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 21, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 121% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Go Facebok Proxy

Go facebook proxy is the best solution to access facebook from any network with blocked and access limitations for facebook login. Our website gives you freeware services for anonymously Facebook surfing. We launched a new proxy tool for your personal use. Try our freeware tool to unblock any network restrictions and share your experiences with your friends and family members that work in anywhere,



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 29, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 81% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Safe Surfer

Safe Surfer Freeware is an award-winning tool for safe surfing in the Internet. Besides blocking annoying popup windows the software allow you to control the content of sites you visit and ensure confidential Web surfing. The software is featured by an easy user's interface and flexible adjustment: you can easily customize it to your needs. Just surf safely!


Smart PC Solutions, Inc.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 19, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 121% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar

How to hide IP address? Anonymous web surfing (with hidden IP) requires valid anonymous proxy server. Lookup and checking of anonymous proxies can be very tedious and annoying task. Free Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar Freeware makes this process simple and funny: just click toolbar button in web browser, select proxy and confirm - that`s it! No more heavy proxy checking tools, proxy lists, tedious checks, manual proxy setup. Forget it and have fun, anonymously!


Hide IP Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 20, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 91% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Full Screen Web Image Viewer

Full Screen Web Image Viewer Freeware is an easy to use program which integrates itself to the Internet Explorer and Firefox context menu, the right click menu. After installing it, while surfing you can right click any image and choose full screen options.


A Software Plus

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 5, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 103% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Free Hide IP

Icon of Free Hide IP

Free Hide IP Freeware, the best free privacy protection software, could hide your real IP address for FREE, anonymize your web surfing, keep your computer safe from hacker attacks and other risks, all with a single click. With it, you can send anonymous emails through any web based mail system, or get un-banned from restricted websites. Free Hide IP Freeware works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of Internet.


Free Hide IP

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 27, 2016 ] [ Downloads popularity : 143% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Mask My IP

Icon of Mask My IP

Mask My IP Freeware, the best Free security and privacy protection software, can conceal your online identity with the click of a button. Primary benefits include anonymizing your web surfing, keeping your computer safe from hacker attacks and other risks, preventing identity theft, sending anonymous E-mails, etc. It is guaranteed to be 100% clean of viruses, adware or spyware, and compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE, etc.


Mask My IP

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 29, 2016 ] [ Downloads popularity : 137% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Zilla Anonymous Surfer

Privacy is currently the greatest concern of Internet users. Zilla Anonymous Surf product is designed to actively protect your privacy, to make sure that other people and organizations on the Internet cannot identify you, see which sites you visit, or even see where in the world you reside. Also gives you control over your Internet connection: watch incoming and outgoing data, block all types of advertisements, and even trace the owner of a site.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 15, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 77% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Surf Anonymous Free

Surf Anonymous Free Freeware, the ultimate free online protection software, is designed to make your real IP address and location inaccessible, thus anonymize your web surfing, guard your security against identity theft and other crimes, and unban yourself from forums or blogs. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily install and run it. It is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Maxthon, etc. and all types of Internet platforms.


Surf Anonymous Free

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 18, 2016 ] [ Downloads popularity : 117% ] [ Price : Free ]     

CyberGhost VPN 2

Icon of CyberGhost VPN 2

There is hardly any such thing as privacy on the Internet: many website operators want to know your centres of interest. Industry wants to know what you do on the Internet. Local government, secret services, and so on, want to know as much about its citizens as possible. Protect yourself and safeguard your privacy! Everyone can use an anonymity service to protect themselves and stay anonymous. CyberGhostVPN 2 - Anonymous. Simple. Secure.


S.A.D. GmbH

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 28, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 0% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Configured for military-grade security and stealth browsing privacy. The Firefox UPA browser is typically used when you need secure and anonymous surfing. The Firefox UPA edition Freeware consists of Firefox portable edition and the BarracudaDrive Proxy. Firefox is preconfigured to use the BarracudaDrive Proxy.


Real Time Logic

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 10, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 120% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2

By using Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2 Freeware you can optimize the performance of your internet connection by changing Windows default parameters.


ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 7, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 127% ] [ Price : Free ]     

IECount 3.2

Icon of IECount

Addon for internet explorer: IECount Freeware limits number of ie at desktop, stops popups, limits number of internet explorers at desktop, start clipboard URL or email by double click in tray, quick sets favorite internet browser`s properties, performs search in 10 best engines(Google, Yahoo), changes proxy settings with given list and time interval. IECount Freeware is a set of useful ie tips and tricks to simplify your internet surfing!


F-Group Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 30, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 115% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of A+ Web Privacy Service

A+ Web Privacy Service Freeware is an Online Service that hides your IP address and provides a high level of protection from the ever-increasing variety of Web-based online threats: online trackers, spammers, harvesters and snoops, hackers etc. Also prevents anyone from profiling your online activity and tracking your surfing habits.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 16, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 109% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of 1-2-3 JavaScript Library

1-2-3 JavaScript Library Freeware is a cool new software application that allows you to create amazing javascript in seconds! Choose scripts from an organized, amazingly easy to navigate menu system, and customize them to your own needs! No more long download times, or wasting time surfing the internet to find the one script that you want! With the full version you get: * Numerous Extra Quality Scripts, in a cool easy to navigate library system!


1-2-3 JavaScript Library

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 17, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 88% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Acoo Browser 1.98.744

Icon of Acoo Browser

Acoo Browser Freeware is a powerful multi-tabbed Internet browser based on the Internet Explorer engine. It allows user to surf multiple Web sites within one browser window. It also includes many advanced features such as Mouse Gestures, syntax highlighted HTML source viewer, Web page analyzer, built-in calculator, RSS Reader, Popup Blocker, Ads Filter, ActiveX Filter, script error suppression, Cleaner, URL Alias and Integrated search engine support.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 27, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 115% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Network Modem Speed

Configure your modem for a better performance while surfing in the web, playing online games and downloading files. It also configures Internet Explorer for better stability.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 12, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 173% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of WebHub SmartIcon

Launcher for WebHub, a 'cloud app' that re-invents surfing and search for mobile and cross-device browsing. WebHub gives people the full power of the Web from all their devices, without the need to find, download, organize, manage and switch among tens of app icons, and without the need to type or even remember URLs, or to type in search terms or sift through pages of search results, and without the need to sync bookmarks across devices or brow


Yuvee, Inc.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 3, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 95% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter Freeware is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects and removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from malicious behavior in real time. With IObit unique "Dual-Core" anti-malware engine, it's able to detect the most complex and deepest malware, like spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers, in a fast and efficient way.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 20, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 150% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Cayman Browser

Cayman Browser Freeware is a tabbed, innovative Web browser with full features to improve your Internet surfing. It can speak, translate, open multiple web pages at the same time, and more: Website status - View Google/Alexa PR simultaneously; Power Group; Incredible Search; Website scan; Links filter; Cookies management; Mouse gestures; Built-in popup killer; Auto fill forms; Voice engines; Skin; Safe Recovery; URL monitor and Great speed.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 9, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 112% ] [ Price : Free ]     

SecurWall 0.98

Icon of SecurWall

SecurWall Freeware provides highest security using a simple and friendly interface, protecting your machine from outer attacks and malicious programs. SecurWall Freeware is a personal desktop firewall designed to protect computers against malicious attacks, port scanning, viruses and other software entities, making your PC invisible on the Internet. SecurWall Freeware is the winner of the prestigious Sc-Magazine Award 2006 as "Best Desktop Firewall".


SecurStar GmbH

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 22, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 61% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Network Cable e ADSL Speed

Configure Cable e ADSL for a better performance while surfing in the web, playing online games and downloading files. It also configures Internet Explorer for better stability.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 12, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 174% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Comodo Verification Engine

A website may seem to be in all respects legitimate. But on the Web, not everything is what it seems. Some sites are phony, created to install viruses and malware on a surfer’s computer, or steal their personal information. Immediately separate the real from the fake with Comodo Verification Engine Freeware. With VE installed, the borders around your web browser will glow green, letting you know that the site is for real. It’s that simple, and it’s free.


Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 20, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 51% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Nero TuneItUp Free

Icon of Nero TuneItUp Free

Nero TuneItUp is an optimization, tuning and maintenance tool for Windows PCs which helps you analyze and fix common problems, and optimize system settings. During startup Nero TuneItUp automatically analyzes all weak spots and problems in your system and lists them. The intuitive interface lets you fix problems while maintaining a clear overview. The High Speed Mode lets programs and games run faster.


Nero AG

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 17, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 50% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Protection Toolbar Freeware is an internet browser extension which provides you with an easier and more enjoyable browsing experience. It includes features such as a Popup Blocker, Privacy Protection, Text Translation, Magnification, Search Bar, and much more. The program creates a toolbar on your internet browser so all of its features are available no matter what page you may be viewing.


New Level Design

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 12, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 89% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Have you ever wished to surf the internet on you PC with lightening bolt? Have you ever wished you could open thousands of pages with less than 1 Mb data traffic? Have you ever wanted to reduce Cost in web Surfing, Have you Ever Thought of Browsing on You PC with an anonymouse proxy Browser. Save money, Save time and Enjoy the New BKP Operamini For PC.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 1, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 72% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Fast Browser Pro

Fast Browser is a powerful Web Browser, can open up to 180 web pages at the same time, features voice function, marvelously searching, translation and more.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 31, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 112% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of WinHealer

WinHealer Freeware is the perfect tool to cleaning your PC. It easily detects and cures all ailments and vulnerability of your system. Cleans the registry from obsolete and no working data. Deletes temporary files clogging your hard drive. Deletes cookies and temporary files after the Internet surfing.


WinApps Limited

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 27, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 37% ] [ Price : Free ]