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Tunatic 1.0.1b

Icon of Tunatic

Love that song but don`t know what it is? Tunatic Freeware can tag it for you! Tunatic Freeware is the first search engine of its kind, identifying a song it "hears" through a Microphone. Tunatic Freeware displays the song`s title within seconds, along with the name of the artist and many useful links to download the song, read the lyrics, buy the CD, etc. Tunatic Freeware will change the way we listen to radio!


Wild Bits

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 14, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 239% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of FCorp - Lyric Library

View more than 15000 Lyrics of English, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese & Korean Song.


Fahmy Corporation

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 1, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 28% ] [ Price : Free ]     
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Plugin which displays lyrics of the song that you are listening to. Works on : Winamp, Foobar 2000,Xmplay, Realplayer, Itunes, Yahoo Jukebox. You can both view the lyrics of the song and display them on your yahoo and/or gtalk status. It`s pretty smart on figuring out the correct lyrics and video, even if your song title is slightly wrong. Note: Mute video sound, so it does not interfere with your music.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 2, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 239% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Song Length Finder

The Song Length Finder Freeware is a quick and easy tool that lets you search your music collection for songs of a certain length. Maybe you have a music compilation CD that you have to fill the last 5 minutes of. Maybe there's a movie scene that is exactly 2:17 long. Maybe you're a DJ who has to play a set that's 60 minutes long to the second and you have to calculate your set list carefully beforehand. The Song Length Finder Freeware can help.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 28, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 181% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Hidden Mysteries Gates of Graceland

Hidden Mysteries: Gates of Graceland is a hidden object adventure game that revolves around the fictional premise that Elvis wrote a song shortly before he died as a tribute to his late mother. The song wasn’t recorded and is hidden someone in Graceland. You discover the first clue that the song exists and set out to locate it. Search the legendary Graceland to locate the remaining pieces of the song and assemble Elvis’ lost musical treasure!


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 7, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 109% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Two step music player. Type in an Artist and Title. Click "Search". Done. If available, your song will start to play, otherwise the closest matching song with the keywords you input would be played. This software is for entertainment only. It is not meant to be fancy, nor complex and feature-packed. It is the simplest player you could imagine. Have fun by typing in random phrases or your name into the search box, and find out what your song is.


Angel Rift

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 10, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 236% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of LuJoSoft MP3Renamer

This program lets you browse to a specified directory, and rename any MP3s you want there to match their ID3 tags. It does error checking for invalid characters in the filenames, duplicate filenames, and MP3s where the entire tag is missing.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 23, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 61% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Music Menu

Pure nostalgia: play over 190 songs with the small DOS program Music Menu Freeware over PC speaker, while the appropriate lyrics are shown on the screen. The lyrics can also be printed out or stored in an external file. The tempos are freely selectable and a German, English and Spanish help is contained.

[ GmbH

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 3, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 207% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Sofonica MP3 Cutter

Sofonica MP3 Cutter Freeware is the freeware which can cut small parts from any MP3 songs.These clipped parts can be used as ring-tones in your mobile.The small part of MP3 can be used in the presentations as well.These can also be used as start up sound in windows.MP3 Cutter comes with many advanced facilities like highlighting the selection,playing the selection,volume control and etc.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 29, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 117% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Lyrics finder

Icon of Lyrics finder

Search and find lyrics to your MP3 collection, fast cool and easy search. One of the best tools out there to find lyrics for any song in any language. and the best thing it is FREE!!!



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 11, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 54% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Sing-Magic Karaoke Player

Sing-Magic is a freeware karaoke player. Five free songs are also included. Easy to use yet powerful. Fullscreen mode with quality, high definition graphics and animation. Adjust song speed and pitch on the fly, to match your vocal range. Guide melody to assist your singing. Fully customizable. Change the animated background, lyric's font style and color. Bouncing Ball.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 21, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 192% ] [ Price : Free ]     

NetRadio lets you listen to shoutcast and other online radios. Its very easy to use and has a powerfull feature that lets you see the name of the band at the song name in all of the open windows caption. This enables you to allways know what song you are listen to.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 22, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 200% ] [ Price : Free ]     

CDAID 3.20

Icon of CDAID

CD Audio Information Downloader (CDAID Freeware) lets you obtain CD information (i.e. artist, song title, etc.) from freedb over the Internet. No more guessing what the title of song 4 is or trying to remember the name of the CD in your tray. As a special feature you can export your CD collection to a XML or text file.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 20, 2003 ] [ Downloads popularity : 183% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Mp3 Clipper and Joiner

Sofonesia Mp3 Clipper and Joiner Freeware is the software that can be used to clip the small part from a MP3 song.It also supports joining of multiple clips to one clip.It comes with many advanced features like customization of clip selection,play,pause and play selection support. Play Selection feature allows to play the selected portion.The clipped part can be used as ringtone of mobile,background music for presentation or welcome music for websites.


Sofonesia Ltd

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 3, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 74% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder

Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder Freeware is the first add-on for Kazaa and LimeWire that allows you to find and retrieve lyrics while you download MP3 files from the FastTrack and Gnutella networks. As soon as you start an MP3 download with either Kazaa or LimeWire, Kazaa & LimeWire Lyric Finder Freeware will instantly detect the download and add it to the lyric search queue. When a lyric is found it is marked with a smiley and you can view it in the lyric box.


NPS Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 19, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 213% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Moo0 AudioPlayer

A Simple Audio Player



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 12, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 209% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Easy Music Composer

Easy Music Composer Freeware is a tool that makes music easily. You can compose a song automatically. You can compose a song by inputting notes. You can use many convenient functions prepared for composition.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 29, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 239% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Mp3 Cutter Plus

Mp3 Cutter Plus Freeware is a free MP3 cutter that allows you to cut MP3 music free. It is a very easy to use MP3 software. A MP3 clip made by this software has same sound quality as of original MP3 so you can enjoy it at its best in your favorite MP3 player. It can really be very helpful for making MP3 ringtone from your MP3 download.


A Software Plus

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 25, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 178% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Winamp Lyrics Opener

It`s Automatic!


S & C

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 21, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 163% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace

Creating music and sharing it directly on MySpace has never been so easy! With MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace Freeware you can easily create music - no prior knowledge required! It only takes a single click to upload the completed song and an exclusive player to MySpace. Be a producer with a worldwide audience.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 3, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 179% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of ARMP - A Random Music Player

(FREEWARE version 2011) Music non stop, play all your mp3 collection , random Mp3 player that allows you to listen your favorite music without having to worry about anything. Just tell the program where the songs are located in your computer and it will play them randomly. You can also be the DJ and at any time select a music on mp3 list playing it. 8 idioms. Small program that uses few system resources.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 18, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 207% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of EuroSinging

EuroSinging Freeware is a database program dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest. It contains all participations, songs' info, lyrics and more. The main package of the program doesn't contain multimedia files but you can find many multimedia packages by searching over the internet.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 6, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 116% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MoveDVD Ringtone Converter for iPhone

If you're looking for ways to convert the music you already download on your MAC or PC or that you already purchased from iTunes into ring tones for your iPhone, there are several of ways to go about it. But why pay more!? Now we recommend a professional iPhone Ringtone Maker which turns your dream into reality with a wide range of video and audio formats supported.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 25, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 60% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Lyrics Browser

Lyrics Browser Freeware is a lyric themed web browser that delivers easy navigation to song lyrics via lyric databases and lyric directories. Lyrics Browser Freeware is equipped with an integrated search engine utilizing the popular lyric search engines and allows you to quickly switch among your search results using tabs.


New Music Central

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 22, 2003 ] [ Downloads popularity : 237% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MixMeister BPM Analyzer

MixMeister BPM Analyzer Freeware is a free program you can use to determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of any song. Whether you`re choosing songs to mix together or building a playlist for a specific mood, BPM Analyzer makes finding the correct BPM easy. The BPM measurement engine is adapted from MixMeister Technology`s award-winning line of pro DJ software, and it generates the most accurate BPM counts available anywhere.


MixMeister Technology

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 21, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 91% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Dark Dimensions Somber Song

You’ve traveled across the country, tracking down dark dimensions in search of your missing family, when you stumble upon a violent one that has taken over the city of Seven Oaks, North Dakota. The black smoke is chasing people and captured a young girl right in front of your eyes. What caused this dark dimension, and who is being controlled by its influences?


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 4, 2014 ] [ Downloads popularity : 85% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Magic of Morning

Magic of Morning Freeware is a screensaver that brings morning tenderness, forest filled with gentle sunlight, beautiful singing of birds to your desktop. It immerses you into calm and harmony of living nature. Run time 8.5 min. There is also a slideshow version of this program.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 22, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 69% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Virtual Music Composer

Musical tastes as personal preferences are mostly too subjective. As such they are different from each other. With regards to the subject matter, the estimation of a program efficiency is not a question about anyone's musical taste. All that counts is the amount of time you spend on listening to. Virtual Music Composer Freeware works on the basis "Just listen to the music". There's no doubt that everyone's favorite song comes soon or later.


Lvbs X

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 21, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 264% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Audio Splitter Freeware Software

Automatic freeware audio splitter application is intended to cut or split audio files without losing the quality of music. Audio cutter tool divide the songs from selected range that can be supported by any audio player. It support all windows OS.


Software Directory

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 11, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 87% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Essential MP3 Player

Enjoy your MP3 files with automatic album cover and lyric retrieval. Essential MP3 Player Freeware adds a new dimension to your music experience by automatically downloading album covers and lyrics for your MP3 files. Simply add one or more MP3 files and Essential MP3 Player Freeware will immediately start searching and downloading album covers and lyrics. You can enter the title of the song and the name of the artist and album with the built-in MP3 tag editor.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 4, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 215% ] [ Price : Free ]