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Icon of DIN Settings Calculator

This small calculator takes you weigth, height, age, skiing level and ski boot sole length and estimates the required DIN setting for your ski bindings. DIN setting is the setting that determines the amount of pressure required to release the binding. It has and must be set for both the toe piece and the heel piece.



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Icon of FitandHealthy.com Weight Calculator

Are you overweight? Use our free FitandHealthy.com Weight Calculator Freeware and find out. If you know your height and weight, you`ll find this tool fun and easy to use. The FitandHealthy.com Weight Calculator Freeware quickly tells you if you`re overweight, and by how many pounds. You`ll also discover your ideal weight range, so you can better plan for the future. Download and try the free FitandHealthy.com Weight Calculator Freeware today.


Owen Digital Corporation

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The Health-And-Fitness-Calculator Freeware is a fun, easy to use tool for calculating BMI, or Body Mass Index, as well as doing a general assessment of related conditions such as diabetes and CVD. Just input your height, weight and waist size and with the click of a button the Calculator will generate and easy-to-read report. You can also export your health report to your clipboard.



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Icon of Health Measure Graph

To monitor changes in your body is much more easier now. Input the data: weight, height, pulse, blood pressure, general and basal body temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and the basic laboratory tests - blood and urine tests as well. HealthMeasureGraph application automatically builds a table of changes and shows the results that exceed the permissible limits. There ia a possibility to add and edit notes, create a reminder notes in the calendar.


Soft Industry

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Icon of Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D Freeware is sport game for free. Your aim consists of playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes. Par for each hole is given on the scorecard. Try to minimize numbers of par for each hole. Click the arrows above the player in order to choose direction of stroke. Choose the driver and that means the mode you can play such as long or short distance, middle or high height.


Mario City Games

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Icon of SWF to GIF Animator

With this program you are able to convert your SWF files to animated GIF format. Why using huge flash objects on your site if you can replace them with a small, browser-compatible GIF animation? You can convert any kind of SWF format, including flash with complex structure and flash with a single frame. The program allows you to configure output parameters such as GIF width, GIF height, frame rate, dithering method, background color and so on.



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Icon of Video to GIF Animator

With this software, you can convert your video files to animated GIF format. It is possible to convert the following video formats to gif: AVI, DivX, xVid, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, 3GP etc. If you don't want to convert the whole move, you can trim it by setting begin and end positions. You can also crop video frame by selecting the most inportant area. The software is very easy-to-use. Just open your video, adjust GIF and start conversion process.


Video to GIF

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Icon of Animated Screensaver Maker

With Animated Screensaver Maker Freeware you can beautify your desktop with an unlimited number of animated screensavers with amazing water effects. It’s very easy. You need only three mouse clicks to create a new screensaver. Just load your picture into the tool, adjust the water height and press the button to build a screensaver. You can animate any picture you have.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 24, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 94% ] [ Price : Free ]     

View any webcam/video source in a small thumb-sized window above your systray. Version 2 no longer runs on VFW but on DirectX9, so it`s faster, better and more! Select any device at any format, display it in a window, fullscreen or in desktop mode! You can select another video device/size/format from the tray menu. Double-click to show, double-click to hide. Specify width/height/position with shortcut (e.g.: "VideoThumb.exe" 320 240 100 300)



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 17, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 147% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Free Video to GIF Converter

With this software, you can convert your video files to animated GIF format. You can make stunning animated avatars. It is possible to convert the following video formats to gif: AVI, DivX, xVid, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, 3GP etc. If you don't want to convert the whole move, you can trim it by setting begin and end positions. The software is very easy-to-use. Just open your video, adjust GIF and start conversion process.



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Icon of Phentermine BMI Tool

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is a widely accepted measure of obesity. It is a number which expresses a relationship between height, body surface area, and body weight. The BMI is very useful because it correlates very closely to your body fat percentage which is much more difficult to measure. This simple BMI tool will calculate your BMI and tell you your "weight status".


Lowcarbsite.com (Phentermine BMI)

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Icon of Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator

Enter your sex, height, weight, age, and activity level. The results will show your Basal Metabolic Rate, the number of calories you need to maintain your weight, and the number of calories to safely lose or gain weight. Calculations are based on the Harris-Benedict formula which will be accurate in all but the extremely muscular (it will underestimate calories) or extremely overweight (it will overestimate calories).


Don`t Stay Fat

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 1, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 124% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Display Changer

This application can change your desktop width, height, color depth, and refresh rate temporarily or permanently (via command line switches). You can have Display Changer Freeware run another application in a specific display resolution and return to the previous resolution when the application finishes. The command line switches let you alter only certain dimensions and choose the best refresh rate (or a specific one).



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Icon of OkCustomMap

OkCustomMap Freeware is a software to produce Garmin Custom Maps. Supports many map formats (OkMap, Ecw, GeoTiff, World files, OziExplorer, GpsTuner), image scaling in percentage. You can customize the size of the tiles or the horizzontally or vertically tiles number. For advanced and complete function download OkMap application.


Gian Paolo Saliola

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Icon of RadioWORKS

RadioWORKS Freeware: Calculate radio wave properties. Get frequency info: Wavelength, band info, propagation methods, etc. Calculate antenna length. Calculate path loss: Free-Space, ITU Terrain, Hata, Hata Extended, Empirical COST-WI, or Weissberger models. 3D coverage map. 2D line of sight graph. Predict how a proposed TX power change or range requirement change will affect existing system range or power output needs. Get dish antenna beamwidth, gain.



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Icon of Japplis Website Optimizer Lite

Japplis Website Optimizer Lite Freeware Optimize your web pages. Using several techniques, it can reduce the size of your HTML pages by more than half. This will not only make your website faster but also save bandwidth. Japplis Website Optimizer Lite Freeware can also add the height, width and alt attribute to the images if missing. Japplis Website Optimizer Lite Freeware is platform independent : runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, ... You can run it online at http://website-optimizer.com/lite/runonline.html Jappl



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Icon of Seekways Image Manipulator

Resize photos and rotate pictures with this image manipulation software. Perform image manipulation by opening an image of any format and by choosing the attributes. The user can specify the width, height, overall size, and can also set the DPI. This image manipulator features a built-in preview window to allow the user to view the modified image. Rotate images by selecting the degrees of the angle that you desire.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 16, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 53% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Peach Bike Game

In this game player must ride a bike. Cycle route has many surprises for the player. Peach Bike Game Freeware is game of series Mario Bros. The Peach Bike Game Freeware consist of 8 levels. Each level is different to the next level. Princess Peach has to ride the hills, ride to branches of trees. Princess Peach on a bike should jump from a height. Princess Peach gets points for the trick made on a bike. You can save points in that game. If a player lose, he has a


Softendo Mario Games

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Icon of Misty Iconverter

Icon converter.



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Icon of Simplebean Health Guide

The free Simplebean Health Guide Freeware quickly calculates your health statistics and targets. To plan a healthy diet, you get important health information such as your BMI, Basal Energy Expenditure, personalized daily calorie requirements and targets, and the target weight for your frame size. The health guide even breaks down your daily calorie target into carbohydrate, protein, and fat needs. It is excellent for weight loss or maintenance.


fore royal, llc

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 21, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 112% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MB Calorie Calculator

MB Free Calorie Calculator is a simple health software with an easy to use interface. The program is designed to calculate the daily calorie intake that your body requires. This is calculated on the basis of your height, weight, age, gender and daily activities.



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Icon of The vOICe Learning Edition

The vOICe software translates images from a PC camera (webcam, camera glasses) into soundscapes that you hear via stereo headphones, thus targeting sensory substitution applications for the blind, and even synthetic vision. Some blind people wear it daily with a wearable setup to "see" their environment as they go around, while other blind people (blind from birth) use it to experience for the very first time what vision is like.


The vOICe (CEO Peter B.L. Meijer)

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Icon of Taskbar Classic Start Menu

Taskbar Classic Start Menu Freeware adds to the system notification area an icon. By clicking this icon, you can bring up a popup menu, which is similar to the Start Menu in Windows 2000 and Me. The program is designed for users who want to launch their programs using classic Start Menu, which in Windows 7 is missing.


Vladimir Belyaev

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 11, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 124% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of AoA Video Joiner

AoA Video Joiner Freeware is a free utility that lets you easily join multiple video clips of AVI, MPEG, MOV, WMV, Flash Vieo (FLV), MP4 and 3GP together into one large movie. For more information, please visit http://www.aoamedia.com/videojoiner.htm .



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Icon of Lantsoft PDF Scan Optimizer

Besides, the program can monitor directories in a server. For instance, when some scanned PDF files are copied in, the files will be optimized and sent to output directories automatically. Don't worry. Lantsoft PDF Scan Optimizer Freeware is a standalone program, which does not need Adobe Acrobat Pro that will cost hundreds of dollars. Trust us and do it!



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 1, 2016 ] [ Downloads popularity : 79% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of A-one Video to MPEG Converter

A-one MPEG Video Converter is an easy-to-use and all-in-one tool for video conversion, splitting and editing. It can convert from AVI to AVI, AVI to MPEG, AVI to WMV, MPEG to AVI, MPEG to MPEG, MPEG to WMV, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG, WMV to WMV. It also supports converting from ASF to AVI, WMV, MPEG. It supports parameters including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, NTSC, PAL, video width, video height, framerate, video bitrate, audio bitrate, video quality, etc.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : September 16, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 135% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Multis 6.0

Icon of Multis

Features: * Game with clean stock, "trash" or patterns. * Ten shape types (include two special). * Adjustable stock width and height. * Fixed or random shape colors. * Eight shape skins. * Smooth shape motion. * Ten skill levels. * Scalable window. * Full screen mode! * Plain or 3D view. * 16777216 colors palette. * Background wallpapers (multigraphical). * GDI/DirectX/OpenGL rendering. * Play animation. * etc...


Chrystal Softworks

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 20, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 127% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MB Body Mass Index

MB Free Body Mass Index is an interesting health software with a simple to use interface. The program is designed to calculate the body mass index of a person which is calculated from the body height and weight. This index is an indicator of body wellness and lets a person know whether his body weight is normal, underweight or overweight.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 13, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 100% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Noiser 1.0

Icon of Noiser

Noiser Freeware is a free application that allows you to easily create textures using various image generating algorithms and 3D noise parameters. This technique of dynamically rendering images, rather than using precomputed static pixel bitmaps, is often used by 3D artists to create natural looking textures. With this graphical wxWidgets front end to the open source noise library, you can compose a render tree from many different types of noise.



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Icon of MediaProSoft Free Video to GIF Converter

There are several reasons why you want to convert video to GIF animation. The main one is so that you can put an animation of a video online without streaming the video itself. MediaProSoft Free Video to GIF Converter Freeware is such a tool to convert your movies or music videos to GIF, extracting the most interesting part to post online or use as your avatar.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 11, 2016 ] [ Downloads popularity : 99% ] [ Price : Free ]