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Manage My Fonts 1.0.2010

Icon of Manage My Fonts

It helps the administrator or user of a computer to install, activate or deactivate, delete and generally manage font files on a computer. Features that can be found on this free software: install uninstall font files, activate/deactivate fonts, find fonts needed for newly opened documents, find all installed fonts in a computer system, check font integrity, printing of font/typeface samples


Fonts Manager Download

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 12, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 127% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MSN Font Color Editor

Choose the font color you like for your MSN from 32-bit true colors. Tired of MSN's fixed font colors? Use this tiny application to change it to the color you love. It is easy and fun to use. You may need to restart MSN for the changes to take place.


Web Solution Mart

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 26, 2014 ] [ Downloads popularity : 142% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of California Fonts Free Font Manager

California Fonts Manager is the latest and fastest growing free font manager. This easy to use tool has an explorer-like interface that quickly shows you fonts currently installed on your computer (and ones that aren't). If you're looking to install a new font, you can easily do with the California Fonts Manager! Download our custom font bundles from within the program to quickly and easily grow your font collection. And best of all, it's free!


SqueakyChocolate, LLC

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 28, 2014 ] [ Downloads popularity : 116% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of FontList

It's usually very hard to get a nice overview of all your installed fonts. With FontList Freeware, you can easily create a HTML file showing all your fonts in your web browser. FontList Freeware lets you change the sample text, exclude seldom used fonts from the list and change the path for the HTML file. FontList Freeware then opens up your web browser to show you all your fonts.


Edwin Martin

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 28, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 148% ] [ Price : Free ]     

This collection contains 32 free tattoo fonts. Fonts are great for creating posters, beautiful letters, for headlines or just for fun. You can also try the free California Fonts Font Manager to make it even easier to use your new fonts.


SqueakyChocolate, LLC

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 17, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 104% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Free&Easy Font Viewer

Have you got lots of fonts to choose from? Do you get annoyed every time you pick a font for a fancy birthday card or a web page logo because all the software you have is only capable of showing one font at a time? Help is at hand. Free&Easy Font Viewer Freeware gives you the opportunity to view all your installed fonts simultaneously.


Alexander G. Styopkin

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 7, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 140% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of FontPicker

With Charten's free FontPicker Freeware you can view and pick fonts using side-by-side comparison, or else compare two or three variations of just one font. Experiment with alignment, colors and font sizes and styles to get just the right look. The character map for each font is also available.


Charten Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 21, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 147% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of dp4 Font Viewer

dp4 Font Viewer Freeware for Windows - a small and installation free utility for showing all fonts of a given folder, without installation. High quality display of all fonts by use of our own render engine. Filtering by many parameters possible - OpenType ®, Panose, Unicode ranges. Displays all Unicodes and key codes. Basic font management functions and print function for single fonts and the complete font list are available.


digital performance

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 30, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 104% ] [ Price : Free ]     

FontLoader 1.1.0

Icon of FontLoader

FontLoader Freeware an utility to make your TrueType font installation a snap. It consists of a shell extension and a font loader module that sits in the system tray, providing you to quick acces to font groups that can be loaded/unloaded on the fly.


Moon Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 24, 2001 ] [ Downloads popularity : 137% ] [ Price : Free ]     

FontViewer 1.3.1

Icon of FontViewer

Preview the fonts you just downloaded/got on CD, without spending too much precious time! With FontViewer Freeware you can say goodbye to long hours spent evaluating your brand new collection of fonts! Preview the font files contained in a directory and install only the ones you really like, without having to manually open each .ttf file! And the best part is that Font Viewer is free!


Loris Bognanni

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 23, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 149% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of FontSuite

FontSuite Freeware includes CoolType - format plain text to create colorful special effects, ideal for posters, emails, websites and more, FontIndex - create and prints a list of the fonts on your system - find the ideal font out of hundreds, CM Pro - an upgrade to MS Windows Character Map (big enough to see all the characters!) and Font Comparison - index a symbol font.


] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 20, 2002 ] [ Downloads popularity : 159% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of MS Word Change Font Change Font Size Bold Italic and more in Multiple Documents

Do you have a number of different Microsoft Word Documents, but wish that there was an easy way to standarize all of your Microsoft Word Documents? Do you wish you could easily make them all have the same font size, or change all the headers or footer to contain the same font size Well, now you can! With this software, you can: Easily select any number of Microsoft Word Documents to change font


MS Word Change Font Change Font Size Bold Italic and more in Multiple Documents Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 15, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 0% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Font viewer free for use

Font viewer  is a font utility. It uses a HTML  for viewing fonts, installed on your PC: View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program Compare different fonts Used system tray. Sorted fonts. View favorite fonts.


Fonts viewer utilitys

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 31, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 71% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of cursive Font Pack

This collection contains 194 free cursive fonts. Fonts are great for creating posters, beautiful letters, for headlines or just for fun. You can also try the free California Fonts Font Manager to make it even easier to use your new fonts.


SqueakyChocolate, LLC

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 21, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 108% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of sIFR Font Maker

Converting fonts to Flash used to be a technical, time-consuming process. But now, with sIFR Font Maker Freeware, you can quickly and easily convert your font files to Flash format (SWF). Just choose the font files you want to convert, the characters you plan to use, and the location where you want them saved. sIFR Font Maker Freeware will automatically convert the selected files to an SWF file ready to use with any sIFR3 application.


CoffeeCup Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 23, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 119% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Free Font Renamer

Got a font collection? Got a collection, but no order in it? Start by giving font files the names corresponding to the full font names. For example, you can rename MLON_I.TTF to Milion Italic.ttf. This name speaks for itself, it is simple and clear. How to do it? Easily. Select a folder with fonts and click the Rename button. That's all. The program itself will find out which font each file contains and give it the corresponding name.


Alexander G. Styopkin

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 24, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 141% ] [ Price : Free ]     

FontsOnCD 0.9b

Icon of FontsOnCD

FontsOnCD Freeware is a powerful font browsing utility that allows you to browse your TrueType fonts without waste of system resources. Major FontsOnCD Freeware feature - tiny size and possibility to write a program on CD jointly with your font collection for automatic browsing. You can place FontsOnCD Freeware in any folder of your CD image and the program will show all TrueType fonts existing on disk starting by root disk folder.


Denis Rakita

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 24, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 141% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of California Fonts Pokki

The California Fonts Pokki Freeware allows you to easily browse, search, view, download and install fonts right from your own desktop. Our huge collection of over 20.000 free fonts are never more than a few clicks away, making it simple for anyone to create amazing presentations, letters, posters and other graphical design art using the best free fonts money don't have to buy.


California Fonts

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 8, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 94% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Letter text editor

Font char viewer  is a font utility. View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program Compare different fonts Used system tray. Sorted fonts. View favorite fonts.


ABC Fonts viewer utilitys

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 31, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 103% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Moo0 FontViewer

Moo0 FontViewer Freeware lets you see and test all your installed fonts at once, with any sample text of your choice. Have you ever wondered which font to use for your design? Then, this may be the tool you've been looking for.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 12, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 130% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Celtic Font Pack

This collection contains 172 free Celtic fonts. Fonts are great for creating posters, beautiful letters, for headlines or just for fun. You can also try the free California Fonts Font Manager to make it even easier to use your new fonts.


The Scone Company

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 11, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 84% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of 40 Free Fonts

Download 40 Free Fonts Freeware from Summitsoft - includes commercial license so you can use these fonts for any project - personal or for profit! These are a handpicked selection that were exclusively designed by our SummitType Font Foundry from our thousands of top designer fonts. These fonts are the highest quality OpenType format and are 100% compatible with all applications. Our fonts include full character sets including international characters.


Summitsoft Corporation

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 7, 2014 ] [ Downloads popularity : 53% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Desk Band Clock-7

Desk Band Clock-7 Freeware is program that displays the current time or date on the taskbar or, as dock able, on the desktop. You can widely change appearance of the clock: use custom font, colors, background fill, format of the current time or date. Features: 1. Use any font for show the current time or date. 2. Customize font size. 3. Use any font color. 4. Show current date and customize date format. 5. Use with standard system clock as add on.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 7, 2011 ] [ Downloads popularity : 101% ] [ Price : Free ]     

MarVoSym 3.10

Icon of MarVoSym

The True Type Symbol Font MarVoSym Freeware.TTF is a valuable addition for any office or civil engineering purpose. It contains often-needed but rarely available symbols as Fax Machine, Answering Machine, Cellular Phone, Steel Profile Symbols, the original Euro Currency Symbol and lots more.


Dipl.-Ing. Martin Vogel

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 11, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 148% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Big-5 Font Bitmap Library

The library embeds 8x15 and 12x24 fonts for ASCII characters, 16x15 and 24x24 fonts for traditional chinese words. The program can query the bottom-up binary bitmaps with an ASCII code or Big-5 code.


Shu-Kai Yang`s Freeware

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 29, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 123% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Font Editor

The Font Editor Freeware allows you to edit bitmap fonts that can be used to design Microcontroller-based systems. The program allows you to import Windows fonts and to save them in multiple formats.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 20, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 100% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Digital Clock-7

"Digital Clock-7 Freeware" is screen saver that displays the current time, date and day of the week. As default the program uses the font "Digital-7 mono" like seven-segment clock faces, but you can choose any font installed on your computer. Also you can change color of font, set AM/PM mode, show flash delimiter, current date, day of the week, seconds.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 14, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 170% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Friskfonter

Compilation of 12 Germanic Runic fonts and a Gothic font by various authors.Junicode and IPA fonts included.A complete True Type Font collection for medieval Germanic paleographic studies.


Vasil Gligorov

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 29, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 112% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of FontRenamer

FontRenamer Freeware is free and renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces. Meaningful file names are best for easy management. Simply select a folder of font files and click Rename button. »Arial bold italic.ttf« instead of »arialbi.ttf« or »Brush Script.ttf« instead of »brushscn.ttf«. FontRenamer Freeware is available in English and German language (auto detect).


A. & M. Neuber Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 22, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 123% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of ColorConsole

ColorConsole Freeware brings a little color to your black and white world of Windows console . One can save many hand moves and also time! An installation of ColorConsole Freeware is not required and can be executed easily from the desktop. Features:Favorites commands,Export to HTML and RTF,Copy,Paste,Cut..,Changeable font style and color. One times Console always Console;)!


Nenad Hrg

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 13, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 106% ] [ Price : Free ]