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Icon of Bodie`s Favorites

Bodie`s Favorites Freeware is a program with which will be able to generate a HTML file, with all the links that you possess as favorites Internet Explorer. Useful if you need to access to the same ones from another PC, from a cyber, if you want to put the HTML page generated in your web site, etc...


Marcelo Dato

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 28, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 108% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Favorites Zoomer

Favorites Zoomer Freeware is easy to use, visual, Internet Explorer integrated software to save and organize your Internet Favorites with site titles, site image previews and descriptions easily made by only selecting the text on the site. Save Favorite by only one click. Overview all your favorites on one Map with our ZOOMING feature. Favorites Zoomer Freeware gives you a powerful search feature for easy search/filter your Favorites by titles and descriptions.


InfoZoomer Lab

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 23, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 104% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of DzSoft Favorites Search

Internet Explorer plug-in that adds a convenient explorer bar to search in Favorites, much the same like you search in the History. If you are an active user of Internet Explorer Favorites, this little program will save much time for you and make your web surfing much more pleasant, and DzSoft Favorites Search Freeware is highly recommended for you.


DzSoft Ltd

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 1, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 128% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Swift Start 2.0.17

Icon of Swift Start

SwiftStart is a addictive and productive Desktop favorites manager with 51 builtin favorites to most common websites, Favorites can be websites, windows folder(s), or file(s), Supports tagging, Works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Easy to use, look and feel like a web application, Freeware


Bapat Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 16, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 121% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Belkasoft IE Favorites Extractor

Belkasoft IE Favorites Extractor Freeware allows you to extract your Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites into numerous formats such as plain text format, HTML and XML. You can also manage the way of how these formats are generated (like sorting favorites by title or inserting numbering). See also related software Belkasoft LinksManager at http://belkasoft.com.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 27, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 91% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Favorites Manager

Have too many favorite links? Looking for a way to organize them? Favorites Manager Freeware is the answer to the problem. Designed with an intuitive interface, it represents favorites as thumbnail images instead of plain text links, organizes favorites in tabs and folders, imports and exports them in all major browsers. All this allows you to access and manage favorite links many times faster and easier. Download our Favorites Manager Freeware.


Favorites Manager software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 4, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 107% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of 1st TurboRun Internet

Too many favorites? Not a problem anymore! You don`t have to launch your browser and look through endless Favorites menu just to visit your favorite web site. Just type a few letters of the desired web site title and then press Enter to open it. This program narrows down the list of matching favorites as you type. Also, you can find all recently saved favorites in seconds, even if you forgot their names!


Green Parrots Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : May 17, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 96% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Tidy Favorites SE

Tidy up your favorite bookmarks! Organize your favorite links as live thumbnails instead of trying to work through plain-text links. Open, delete, move, resize and update bookmarks in a single click. Conveniently use the same set of favorites and the same convenient user interface in all of your browsers - IE, Firefox, and Opera!



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 8, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 108% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Peek-A-Boo Favorites Free Version

Peek-A-Boo Favorites is a Visual Bookmark Manager that takes a snapshot image of each bookmark allowing you to preview the web site before visiting it. It will monitor your favorite bookmarks and notify you when the web page content has changed. You can schedule individual bookmarks to check for page content changes from minutes to several months. It also detects duplicated links, dead links and you can text search across your favorite`s page con


Keyworks Software Ltd

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 17, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 95% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of ShareNet

ShareNet Freeware is a web based application which runs on your local PC, giving you a feature rich environment for accessing the Internet, creating content, and sharing your experiences with friends. ShareNet Freeware`s main goal is to provide a collaborative environment where internet content can easily accessed, and shared with your friends.


Click Studios

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 31, 2007 ] [ Downloads popularity : 103% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of m9P Surfer

m9P Surfer Freeware is a very fast light weight web browser (less than 250K) developed by mental9Production! This web surfer is extremely small in size, thus, consumes very little system resources, and it is very fast. Having many of the options and functionalities expected from a modern web browser, m9P Surfer Freeware provides complete internet surfing capabilities. You can download and use this web browser free of charge courtesy of mental9Production, enjoy!



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 20, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 119% ] [ Price : Free ]     


Icon of Link200

Link200 Freeware will determine the validity of bookmarks or favorites in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape. Link200 Freeware is an easy to use step-through wizard that guides you through the entire process. No longer do you have to worry about going to a favorite or bookmark only to find out the site is no longer valid. Link200 Freeware will handle the checking and cleaning.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : April 23, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 99% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of 8start Launcher

8start Launcher Freeware 1.8



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 12, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 0% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Registry Jumper

Regedit companion for registry navigation



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 19, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 73% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Bookmark Master

Bookmark Master Freeware can manage your favorites, keep your favorites organized, Bookmark Master Freeware is an easy-to-use tool to manage/edit/search/check favorite links in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Bookmark Master Freeware allows you to check your favorite links with adjustable threads (Settings Panel). It has powerful searching functions, even allows you to search keywords among all favorite links directly on their webpages.


BraveWorld Networks Co., Ltd.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 22, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 113% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Day Moon Browser

Portable web browser that allows you to surf the web in comfort with history, favorites, chronology and other tools always visible. It is a portable application, installation is not required.


Daydreams Informatica

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 16, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 0% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Verifying Bookmarks

Verifying Bookmarks Freeware - program to automatic verifying of bookmarks to existence. Also the program will help to remove dead and unnecessary bookmarks.


VSC Software

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 9, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 92% ] [ Price : Free ]     

SMART FAVORITES Freeware is a bookmark management solution to organize, annotate and check your favorite Internet pages. SMART FAVORITES Freeware efficiently handles up to millions of links by using a database; is a useful and easy-to-use tool that helps you to store, organize and quick access to your favorite web pages. It provides advanced features such as searching, duplicate checking, password protection, URL validation and more.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : August 4, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 111% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Girafa Toolbar

The Girafa Toolbar Freeware is a free visual web search companion and favorites manager, that displays thumbnail sized images of your search results and favorite websites. With the Girafa Toolbar Freeware by your side, you can search using the top search engines with just one click, and view thumbnail sized images of your search results and any Web page you want - making your time on the web more fun and productive.


Girafa.com Inc.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : December 31, 2006 ] [ Downloads popularity : 111% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Dream Desktop Agent

Dream Desktop Agent Freeware is over 5,000 high-quality wallpapers just one click away from your system tray. Browse wallpapers by categories, tags or search wallpapers by keywords. Features include: automatic change of wallpapers at specified intervals; get notified when new wallpapers are added; add favorite wallpapers to Dream Desktop Favorites for instant access. Regular updates - new wallpapers every day!


Metropol Investment S.A.

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : March 17, 2010 ] [ Downloads popularity : 145% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of lazylooper

lazylooper Freeware automates the loading of your favorite web pages, essentially creating a slideshow of the web sites listed in your `Favorites` folder. This program is especially useful if you frequent sites that change content often like news sites, blogs, webmail, and forums, etc. lazylooper Freeware will cycle through them at user-defined intervals, randomly or sequentially, all with one press of the button.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 20, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 88% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Pandora App for Pokki

Discover new music and enjoy old favorites, right from your desktop with this free app. Start with your favorite artist, song or composer and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks. Already a Pandora listener? Even easier. Just log in. Pandora desktop app for Pokki is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. This Pandora desktop app is made possible by Pokki.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 29, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 180% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Up2Date 1.1

Icon of Up2Date

Multi GMail accounts notifications



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 25, 2009 ] [ Downloads popularity : 189% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of AM-DeadLink

AM-DeadLink Freeware detects dead links and duplicates in your Browser Bookmarks. If a Bookmark has become unavailable you can verify it in the internal preview and delete it from your Browser. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks. AM-DeadLink Freeware supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.


Aignesberger Software GmbH

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : July 14, 2013 ] [ Downloads popularity : 92% ] [ Price : Free ]     

Finalbird 2.5.724

Icon of Finalbird

Program helps to save a lot of time. As effectively as possible open folders, files, programs, favorites and recent from everywhere you need! Program provide quick access to the same favorites in dialog boxes, start menu, quick launch, popup menu, tray, Total Commander, shortcuts, middle click. Program restore start menu in windows 8, restore quick launch in windows 7, 8 or 10. The program already stable and has code signing certificate.


Svyatoslav Yudin

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : February 6, 2015 ] [ Downloads popularity : 52% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Linkman Lite

Integrating with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers, Linkman gives you the power to efficiently organize bookmarks and favorites! Linkman is a standalone, browser independent bookmark organizer and search tool. Add links from browsers, and Linkman will retrieve keywords and descriptions automatically! You get the choice to organize your bookmarks by keywords only, folders only, or folders and keywords.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 23, 2012 ] [ Downloads popularity : 101% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of Incredi IE Manager

Add Many Features to Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher with this easy to use but powerful program . It gives you the power of pop-up blocking ,save flash movies and pictures , check spelling , favorites maintaining , link checker, security features , temporary internet files cleaning, new window maximizer, window customization, hide annoying flash movies and more ...


Da Tutorials

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : June 17, 2004 ] [ Downloads popularity : 123% ] [ Price : Free ]     

JetLinks Freeware manages internet bookmarks, links, URL collections or favorites. Features include multiple browser compatibility (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera), system-wide hotkeys, XML-based storing of bookmarks in separate files, URL and link import from HTML and plain text, a highly configurable user interface and complete online help in HTML help format.


Fa. Manfred Dahlhoff

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : October 23, 2000 ] [ Downloads popularity : 113% ] [ Price : Free ]     

QuickStart 2.5.1

Icon of QuickStart

QuickStart Freeware allows you to quickly find items in your Start Menu, Favorites, Recent Files, Desktop and History, that match a typed keyword. In addition, you can specify a custom directory, as well as file extensions to look for. Just type in the keyword and press enter to be presented with a list of items that match your entry, next you can then select and launch the program, link or file by selecting it from the list.



] [ Freeware ] [ Created : November 21, 2008 ] [ Downloads popularity : 79% ] [ Price : Free ]     
Icon of pageQ Web Page Player

PageQ lets you create, play and email a slideshow of web sites. It`s easy. You surf like normal and add web sites to a Q, then save. You can put the Q on the web or send it in an email. You don`t save the actual web pages, just the urls, so you always see the latest version of the page. Qs are tiny (same size as an email). The slideshow is controlled with player-like toolbar buttons (play, pause, rewind...). Cool new web productivity tool.


Aspiring Software Limited

] [ Freeware ] [ Created : January 1, 2005 ] [ Downloads popularity : 93% ] [ Price : Free ]