Ninja Miner 2

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Cool little mad ninja miners pulled the second cyclone struck. Cute little ninja miners last discovered the cave, after digging let him earn pours, this time he found another mine, hidden more deepened, said there’s a terrible poisonous spider bat mine has also been flooded with, seems to want to get the treasure is not so easy. But ninja miners are not afraid, he picked up a hoe, lit torches, using his magic ninja miners to start a career. Cave filled with all kinds of precious stones, but you want to get all so easy, organs, trap it is already commonplace, more monsters, monster waiting for you, oh. Possible to collect all gems and stars, with little ninja experience with unprecedented magical journey.

Alternative names : inja Miner 2, Nnja Miner 2, Nija Miner 2, Nina Miner 2, Ninj Miner 2, Ninja iner 2, Ninja Mner 2, Ninja Mier 2, Ninja Minr 2, Ninja Mine 2

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Current version:1.0
Software OS:Windows 98/MeWindows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 7
Freeware size:6671 kBytes
Date:December 31, 2013
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