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These days many people spend long hours sitting in front of a computer. Unfortunately, our bodies suffer from this lack of activity. Back pain, neck ache, sore wrists or tired eyes often result. Studies show that the answer is to take regular breaks. Going for a short walk, having a glass of water, going to the bathroom, doing some gentle stretches and exercises can all help. But the problem is remembering to take a regular break. We get engrossed in what we are doing and we forget. We need a simple way to remind us to take a break. NEWBaRest can help. It is an easy to use piece of software that runs in the background and periodically reminds you to take a break. You set how long you want your break to last and how long you want to work between breaks. Simple but effective. NEWBaRest can help save your Neck, Eyes, Wrists and Back.

Alternative names : EWBaRest, NWBaRest, NEBaRest, NEWaRest, NEWBRest, NEWBaest, NEWBaRst, NEWBaRet, NEWBaRes

Current version:1.5
Software OS:Windows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows Vista64-bit
Freeware size:347 kBytes
Date:September 1, 2009
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