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Netman is free, LAN-Penetrated, Antivirus-approved, PC remote control software. By inputting counterpart’s IP and control password, you can easily collaborate with your partners or control a remote PC without the counterpart’s awareness. When the remote PC is connected, you can view and record the desktop, control counterpart's mouse and keyboard, transfer files between PCs, communicate via video and audio, offer remote support, etc.

1. Remote Access. By inputting counterpart’s IP and control password, you can connect to any computers installed with Netman, view desktop, transfer files, chat via video and audio, etc. Besides you can switch over and let your partner view your desktop. Furthermore, the powerful LAN-Penetrated feature enables you to connect with your LAN partners and increase the productivity of your team.

2. Monitor and Control Your Partner. Apart from collaborating with your partners, you can also monitor from background, turn on PC camera, transfer files without counterpart’s awareness, record videos of desktop and camera, etc.

3. High Security and Antivirus-Approved. The treble password that Netman adopts ensures you high security protection against unauthorized access. Besides it is recognized by major Antivirus owing to its advanced safety technology.

4. Turn on Your Partner’s PC Camera. You can remotely turn on the camera connected to partner's computer in stealth mode; record video of your partner; chat with your partner; or start an online meeting.

5. Remote Boot, Restart, Logoff and Shutdown. You can remotely turn on your PC that is equipped with Netman Computer Starter (hardware), by simply dialing the phone number or cellphone number combined with the starter.

6. File Transfer and Management. You can transfer files between computers with high speed; modify files ; create new files and folders; delete files, etc.

7. Remote PC Support. Remotely offer PC support to your friends or partners who are not tech-savvy.

Alternative names : etman, Ntman, Neman, Netan, Netmn, Netma

Fix connection bugs.

Current version:6.41
Software OS:Windows 98/MeWindows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows Vista64-bit
Freeware size:2997 kBytes
Updated:June 12, 2011
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Netman - copyright notice

NETMAN SOFTWARE AND USER AGREEMENT This is a legal agreement regarding the remote control software developed by Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd., on which both of you (either as an individual or a group) and Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd., are bound. By installing, copying or using in other way Netman you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement and agree that you will be legally bound by them. If you can’t agree with these terms and conditions, then you can’t obtain any right to use this software. Copyright (C) 2008 Netman USER INSTRUCTIONS Especially Warn all customers that when accessing to the Internet one must observe country’s related laws and policies, such as the Criminal Law, the National Security Law, the Official Secrets Act and the Regulations on the Protection of Computer Information System, etc., in order to protect national interests and security. The responsibility of any losses or damages incurred by customers using the Internet illegally shall be laid on customers themselves. 1. Customer shall not use this remote control software released by Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd. to illegally monitor others, illegally destroy others’ data or violate country’s legal. 2. In cases where this remote control software Netman is cut out mistakenly as a backdoor program by some antivirus software, you should then categorize it first as a trusted program through antivirus software’s setting or just close the antivirus software, otherwise Netman is unable to work normally. Once this misjudgment happens, please report it to us immediately so as for us to solve this problem with the antivirus software manufacturers. 3. Customer shall reinforce a consciousness of protecting for individual data to avoid bringing about unnecessary harassment in personal life. If you are our member, then you should promptly change the original login password and control password and make sure they are complex enough (the password should be an eight-byte number or a combination of numbers and letters). Meanwhile, you should change the two passwords regularly to guarantee the safety of your password.   4. Pay attention to the protection of your personal password and the password of the registered Email-box (Password should be an at least eight-byte combination of numbers and letters). We don’t bear the responsibility for software stolen or any losses caused by computer data being pilfered or deleted.   5. The conducts interfering with others’ normal work and life, as well as stealing others’ data are illegal. Consumer shall not steal others’ data or interfere with others by any illegal means like testing, cheating, or stealing data from others. 6. Other tools we released are not developed by Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd. Downloading, installing and running these software would put you into either instant or a long-term danger. They would become illegal when these acts harass others. We suggest customer not downloading and using this kind of tools too rashly.   7. Teenager shall learn to use properly under the supervision of parents and teachers the Internet and the remote control software Netman.   8. Registered customer who loses or forgets the member ID number or password, or has software deleted mistakenly should take all the responsibility, and we would not resend the lost software, member ID number or password to the customer. 9. During the promotion period, free user can get a member account for free by posting up on our BBS or answering questions raised on our website, thereby try out the member functions. Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to change the valid period of the free account. Free account member shall not have any objection to it--or else they should stop using Netman software. 10. The so-called ACCOUNT of Netman belongs to the first registered user. Once we discover any user who is not the primary registered user, we would take back this account. Here suggest customer not transfer with/without compensation the ownership to others in case it brings about dispute.   11. Customer shall normally and legally use the remote control software released by Nanning Netman Computer Corporation Limited lest he/she would take the responsibility of the consequence causes by any illegal activities like making trouble, interfering or deceiving others.   12. Customer shall not make use of the remote control software Netman developed by Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd. to carry out activities that violate national laws or that interferes others’ privacy. Once discovering, Nanning Netman Computer Co., Ltd would by all means help to inquire into it by request of the public security department. THE AMENDMENT OF SERVICE TERMS AND SERVICE REVISION THIS COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AMEND SERVICE TERMS. IF NOT IN FAVOR OF WHAT HAS BEEN AMENDED, CUSTOMER SHALL STOP USING OUR PRODUCT OR WE WILL CONSIDER HIS/HER KEEPING USING AS A TACIT AGREEMENT ON THE AMENDMENT. THIS COMPANY ALSO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVISE OR STOP SERVICE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT INFORMING CUSTOMER. WHEN EXERCISING THIS RIGHT, THIS COMPANY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE BROUGHT TO THE CUSTOMER OR THE THIRD PARTY. EXCEPTION CLAUSE (1) The cases where personal data has been let out because customer tells the password to others personally or mismanages the password, or shares a registered account with others. (2) Any case where either customer’s data has been let out, lost, embezzled, changed, or customer’s computer has been controlled by others illegally caused by hackers’ attack, computer virus’s intrusion, communication department’s technological adjustment, temporary closure forced by the governmental control, or force majors. (3) Any legal disputes and consequences of personal data’s disclosure brought about by any other links on our website. (4)Service’s breaking off temporally attributes to the Periodical or aperiodical maintenance of the server, which is needed to keep it functioning normally. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY NANNING NETMAN COMPUTER CO. LTD. FOR ALL THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

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