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Do you have enough light? Measure the ambient illuminance using the light sensor of your device.

Just tap the LuxNow icon: the current illuminance is instantly displayed floating over your screen, and it automatically disappears in a short while. No need to touch anything to 'close' the app.

LuxNow reports the raw illuminance value in lux, and adds short human descriptions like 'Maximum sunlight?', 'Overcast sky?', or 'Indoor shade?'. The reason they all end with a question mark is that on mobile devices the light sensor may not be very accurate. (That's why you may get funny results like 'Full moon?' in your room with the lights on.)

Use LuxNow to check and compare the illuminance of different light sources, find the best light level, or just for fun.

This is a tiny, minimalist and straightforward app, with no ads, no Internet, and no extra permissions.

Alternative names : uxNow, LxNow, LuNow, Luxow, LuxNw, LuxNo

First public release.

Current version:1.0
Software OS:Android
Freeware size:50 kBytes
Date:October 16, 2015
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