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Guitar Tuner Standard is now available for free. This classic guitar tuning is a starting point for every guitarist and the primary tuning for playing scales and chords

The standard tuning works best with light to extra light gauge guitar strings. Most students of the guitar will start out with the staple guitar chords like E, A, D and G. These chords provide a foundation for nearly all of popular music heard on the radio. Chances are, you'll learn a favorite song in standard tuning. It's common to use it for nearly all scale practicing.

Light strings are perfect for standard, but many beginners will find the strings too hard to push down. For this reason, there is also extra light gauge strings to lighten the burden. In some cases, guitarists will start with classical or electric, to get their finger strength built up over time before switching to standard guitar tuning.

Alternative names : uitar Tuner Standard, Gitar Tuner Standard, Gutar Tuner Standard, Guiar Tuner Standard, Guitr Tuner Standard, Guita Tuner Standard, Guitar uner Standard, Guitar Tner Standard, Guitar Tuer Standard, Guitar Tunr Standard, Guitar Tune Standard, Guitar Tuner tandard, Guitar Tuner Sandard, Guitar Tuner Stndard, Guitar Tuner Stadard, Guitar Tuner Stanard, Guitar Tuner Standrd, Guitar Tuner Standad, Guitar Tuner Standar

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Date:September 24, 2015
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its freeware

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