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Knowing what people see and - more important - what they miss out is the key to an effective marketing campaign which turns people to buyers. Stop guessing and use the unique features of eye tracking to get insight into peoples attention. Imagine looking through your customers eyes to evaluate the impact of your marketing means, find hidden deficiencies and compare it to the campaign of your competitors. Eye Tracking Research Studio includes powerful visualizations which make communicating the results an easy task.

Eyetracking research studio is the all-in-one software package for eye tracking studies. Designed to work with Mirametrix Eye Tracker, it makes eye tracking studies incredibly easy.

Get the most out of eye tracking with intuitive test procedures and flexible analysis tools.

- Gain insight into human cognition, consumer behaviour and oculomotor processes.
- Create powerful visualizations and perform quantitative analysis.
- Getting the most out of eye tracking has never been easier.

From fundamental scientific research to commercial studies the Eye Tracking Analyzer analysis suite offers an unprecedented tool for the whole lifecycle of an eye tracking study. With its new workflow it is easy to manage all kinds of studies in an intuitive and flexible way.

Get the most out of eye tracking with intuitive test procedures and flexible analysis tools. Create illustrative visualizations and statistics.

The things you will probably like most about Eye Tracking Analyzer are:
- getting standardized eye tracking metrics is easy
- integration of multiple data streams like gaze data, mouse movement, clicks and key strokes
- web centered workflow including detection and handling of dynamic web page elements

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Date:November 23, 2015
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