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The program is completely free, easy, fast and powerful. It is the best way to encode and decode any type of file, which also integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer.

Be used to hide all the sensitive data and important that we want to keep away from prying eyes.

Here are the features:

Disarming ease of use;
Coding of any type of files;
Integration in Windows Explorer for a more rapid;
Creating one password for decryption (in addition to the hidden internal);
Secure encryption of login passwords, pin codes, serial numbers, etc..;
Inability of systems to be cracked by "Brute Force" (if the password is wrong does not display the classic error message intercepted by the crackers, but it is decoded in the wrong way the file will appear illegible).

Please note that - Be careful not to forget the password, otherwise we will not be able to decode the encrypted files once!

Alternative names : ncoding Decoding Free, Ecoding Decoding Free, Enoding Decoding Free, Encding Decoding Free, Encoing Decoding Free, Encodng Decoding Free, Encodig Decoding Free, Encodin Decoding Free, Encoding ecoding Free, Encoding Dcoding Free, Encoding Deoding Free, Encoding Decding Free, Encoding Decoing Free, Encoding Decodng Free, Encoding Decodig Free, Encoding Decodin Free, Encoding Decoding ree, Encoding Decoding Fee, Encoding Decoding Fre, Encoding Decoding Fre

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Current version:3.4.4
Software OS:Windows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 764-bit
Freeware size:3140 kBytes
Updated:December 29, 2015
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7. You may not claim any sponsorship by, endorsement by, or affiliation with our company.
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