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ECTmorse (EyeComTec Morse) is a program designed to emulate the Morse telegraph and help sufferers of various forms of paralysis and other disabilities by allowing them to type using the universal language of Morse code. The program may be used on nearly any PC or laptop because of its low system requirements. Even most older and low end computers should be able to run ECTmorse.

ECTmorse is easy to use as well. All it takes is the pressing of a single key, and ECTmorse can enable the user access to any letter or symbol needed to type. The typed characters are displayed in the program. This ensures that the user may review their work and edit it to their individual needs.

Beyond the ease of use and language options, nearly every aspect of ECTmorse can be customized in order to better fit the needs of the user. This can include anything, such the key pressure time for writing dots and dashes allowing the user to write at their own pace or even fully customizable characters. Work can be saved to a time stamped file, allowing the user to see the evolution of the piece that is currently being typed over time. In addition to changing the settings, the user can use hotkeys to increase the efficiency of the program. These are just a few of the many customization options available in the program that can be found in the user guide and site for ECTmorse.

ECTmorse is incredibly portable. There are no complicated installation processes, so even the most novice of computer users can run and use the program. Start up is really simple and only requires that the user starts the program. The settings may be chosen by the user, then saved to a file. The user may have a plethora of settings files, and thus have the ability to choose the file that best suits a given situation, allowing the user to type more quickly and efficiently.

Alternative names : CTmorse, ETmorse, ECmorse, ECTorse, ECTmrse, ECTmose, ECTmore, ECTmors

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Current version:1.13.3
Software OS:Windows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 764-bit
Freeware size:1642 kBytes
Date:August 21, 2015
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In defining the terms and limits of use, the copyright owner has set forth limited warranty information and disclaimers of any liability. Please be aware that as this project is voluntary, the parent company declines all responsibilities for any support packages or future updates for free users. Although commercial clients may buy support hours thus receiving training in an effort to provide a quality service.

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