Crazy Boxes

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Start your work in the twisty corridors and push all theyellow coloured boxes on their designated places. But don’t block yourself your way. Put the red coloured boxes beside or use them to dry the water holes to get place for your pushing activities. Don’t let disturb you by the turnstiles which are placed by chance. 163 tricky exercises guarantee long lasting food for your brains.

Alternative names : razy Boxes, Cazy Boxes, Crzy Boxes, Cray Boxes, Craz Boxes, Crazy oxes, Crazy Bxes, Crazy Boes, Crazy Boxs, Crazy Boxe

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Current version:1.8
Software OS:Windows 98/MeWindows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 7
Freeware size:599 kBytes
Updated:March 7, 2012
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