Border Photo Frames

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Border Photo Frames - program - decoration.
A program for your desktop.
Photo of a loved one in a strict stylish photo frame on the desktop. This program - decorate your desktop and
it creates a good mood.
Buttons frame and arrows - select any, favorite photo frame.
You can choose from several beautiful photos and rigorous photo frames.
You can choose absolutely any photo format jpg, png or gif.
Click - open photo, and then select the photo you would like to see.
Then use the buttons - scale and arrows - select the scale of the widget on the desktop.
You can add text - the inscription - on the photo frame. To do this, click on
button - text. To zoom text - press the arrows - left and right next to the text.
Use the arrows and the frame - choose any liked the photo frame from the base of the photo frame.
You can choose from more than a dozen beautiful photo frames.
The widget is easy to move the mouse in any part of the screen.
The program will automatically run when you start windows.
In order to run it on their own - to remove the program from the Startup folder.

Alternative names : order Photo Frames, Brder Photo Frames, Boder Photo Frames, Borer Photo Frames, Bordr Photo Frames, Borde Photo Frames, Border hoto Frames, Border Poto Frames, Border Phto Frames, Border Phoo Frames, Border Phot Frames, Border Photo rames, Border Photo Fames, Border Photo Frmes, Border Photo Fraes, Border Photo Frams, Border Photo Frame

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Current version:1.00
Software OS:Windows 98/MeWindows 2000Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 7Windows CE64-bit
Freeware size:10196 kBytes
Date:November 13, 2015
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Free, simple and handy digital photo manager
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