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When you cut or copy information from a program, it is moved to the Clipboard and remains there until you clear the Clipboard or until you cut or copy another piece of information. Using Advanced Clipboard, you can cut or copy information from program and store it in an individual Clipboard (up to 15), without erase of the basic Clipboard. Then you can paste the information from the any individual Clipboard into any program as often as you like

Alternative names : dvanced Clipboard Lite, Avanced Clipboard Lite, Adanced Clipboard Lite, Advnced Clipboard Lite, Advaced Clipboard Lite, Advaned Clipboard Lite, Advancd Clipboard Lite, Advance Clipboard Lite, Advanced lipboard Lite, Advanced Cipboard Lite, Advanced Clpboard Lite, Advanced Cliboard Lite, Advanced Clipoard Lite, Advanced Clipbard Lite, Advanced Clipbord Lite, Advanced Clipboad Lite, Advanced Clipboar Lite, Advanced Clipboard ite, Advanced Clipboard Lte, Advanced Clipboard Lie, Advanced Clipboard Lit

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Software OS:Windows XP/2003/2008Windows VistaWindows 764-bit
Freeware size:20010 kBytes
Updated:July 3, 2015
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